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A1 alternate replacement compressed air filter elements

Already own a compressed air filter and wish you bought a nano?  Now you can experience advanced nano filtration technology no matter whose filter you have installed. With thousands of filter elements designed to fit most major manufacturers' filter housings, nano provides a one stop shop for all your compressed air filter element needs  - and often for lower than the cost of buying them from the original manufacturer.


Our advanced filter media provides enhanced performance, reduced pressure drop, increased efficiency levels and lower energy costs.  Plus, all nano A1 replacement compressed air elements are third-party validated to ISO 8573.2 ensuring their performance exceeds the most stringent standards in the world. This certification provides peace of mind that all your sensitive pneumatic equipment will be protected.


nano provides compressed air filter elements to fit the following brands of filter housings:


compressed air flter elements
  • Ace Purification

  • Air Filter Engineering

  • Aircel

  • Airtak

  • Airtek

  • Atlas Copco

  • Balston

  • Boge

  • Champion

  • Comp Air

  • Comp Air Hydrovane

  • Comp Air Leroi

  • CTA

  • Curtis Toledo

  • Deltech

  • Dollinger

  • Domnick Hunter

  • Donaldson

  • Finite

  • Gardner Denver

  • Gemoc

  • Great Lakes

  • Grimmer Schmidt

  • Hankison

  • Hiross

  • Ingersoll Rand

  • Kaeser

  • MTA

  • Norgren

  • Pioneer

  • Sullair

  • SPX

  • Technolab

  • Ultrafilter

  • Van Air

  • Watts

  • Zander

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A1 alternate replacement compressed air filter elements

performance vaidation replacemen filter elements

A1 performance validation for replacement compressed air filter elements

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