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GEN2 MAX high-capacity
nitrogen gas generators

Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas which is used in a wide range of applications where oxygen may be harmful to the product or processes. Nitrogen gas generators use regular compressed air to deliver a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen gas - offering a cost effective and reliable alternative to the use of cylinder or liquid nitrogen across a wide range of applications.


The technologically advanced nano GEN2MAX nitrogen generator operates on the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) principle to produce a continuous uninterrupted stream of nitrogen gas from clean dry compressed air.  

Two specially designed welded vessels with full size top flanges are filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) for the most effective, high density filling. 

Some of the advanced features of this product line include:


  • advanced integral zirconia oxygen analyzer - continuously measures and guarantees gas quality (5 year zirconia sensor life)

  • advanced welded vessels designed for operation at high temperatures guarantees ultimate reliability in the most extreme operating conditions

  • ecomode energy savings control reduces energy consumption during periods of low demand resulting in significant reduction of operational cost

N2-GEN2-MAX-photo-5.5k-15k-nitrogen generator-product.png

support materials for the GEN2 MAX  nitrogen gas generators

nitrogen generator cost
ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards

ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards


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