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PFC pressure flow controller

The nano PFC Series Pressure Flow Controller balances fluctuating compressed air requirements and save energy costs. The systems respond to usage fluctuations by automatically increasing or decreasing the size of the PFC’s flow control valve orifice. The PFC precisely regulates the low side compressed system pressure to a field adjustable set pressure which supplies a constant low side pressure within 1 to 2 PSIG
of your set point.

PFC automatically allows for periods of stored higher pressure compressed air from the upstream receiver tank(s) which averages out compressed air usage. It enables the compressed air system to be operated with minimal wasted compressor HP allowing the compressor to no longer provide maximum flow at peak usage periods but maintain flow equal to average usage.

Requiring only a single control valve and single pressure input signal, the systems come complete with pilot air filter, pressure gauges, drain port, bypass piping and valves for installation in either new or existing systems.

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PFC pressure flow controller


ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards


pressure flow controller


ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards

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