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R2 cycling high temperature
refrigerated compressed air dryers

The nano R2 range of RTC high temperature refrigerated compressed air dryers are specifically designed for the unique demands of high temperature compressed air applications. With seven models from 10 to 125 cfm and a 1 micron coalescing inlet filter provided as standard, the nano RTC refrigerated air compressed dryers are the optimum choice for fluctuating air flows and harsh environments.


nano’s innovative dual transfer technology (DTT) monitors the heat load on the dryer which changes constantly with fluctuations in air flow and temperature. As conditions fluctuate, the dryer uses its internal thermal mass to consistently cool and dry the air, switching the refrigeration circuit on only when required.


In most applications, air flow and ambient temperatures vary over time and rarely, if ever, reach the dryer’s maximum rated heat load. Traditional refrigerated compressed air dryers run at maximum power all the time regardless of the actual demand. DTT continuously matches power consumption to the actual heat load providing significant energy savings.


Perfect for small, non-aftercooled piston compressors or any application with a fluctuating air demand, RTC high temperature refrigerated compressedair dryers provide unparalleled reliability, performance and energy savings.


For the optimum in clean compressed air, RTC can also be supplied with a 0.01 micron after filter, providing comprehensive moisture and particulate removal in a single, cost effective and reliable package.

RTC high inlet temperature refrigerated compressed air dryer

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R2 cycling high temperature refrigerated compressed air dryers

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ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards

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